Ambiente Diseño Sostenible

Design for Japan


Design for Japan es un blog abierto a la comunidad de artistas y diseñadores del mundo para la publicación masiva de piezas gráficas con la esperanza de recaudar dinero para Japón en estos tiempos de extrema incertidumbre y dolor después del Tsunami del 11 de marzo 2011.

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Tsunami, Le Projet

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Steven Jodistiro
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3 comments on “Design for Japan

  1. The destruction was shocking. This is a great idea. Have you contributed to this?
    I think Ionly just figured out what your name means, “the eye of salvation” ??? If I’m right, it’s a great name.

  2. The destruction was terrible, the feeling of helplessness was devastating … when it happened I could not believe what I saw on TV and the Internet … It seemed a good idea to spread the designs that are circulating on the web with the intention of helping to strengthen the awareness campaign created by different designers and creative people, also put a post a link to the red cross… The name of my blog is “wild eye”, so named because I think I have a somewhat wild look (original, creative, different …) about things that interest me and I’m not interested .. . 🙂 see you soon

  3. it was truly humbling in the most frightening way.

    so “wild” eye, really! that is pretty cool.
    I tweeted about the content of this post and facebooked it too. Thanks for the education!

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