Arte Cultura Diseño



Winslow Homer. Northeaster. Óleo (87.3 x 127.6 cm)



Hokusai Kaysushika. The great wave of Kanagawa. (10 x 15 pulgadas)


Ai Wei Wei. The wave. (Porcelain 40 x 40 x 25 cm)



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2 comments on “Intensidades

  1. My god I love that Winslow Homer one. Reminds me intensely of Achill Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. I love the watercolors of Winslow Homer, is one of my favorite American painters, I like the hyper-realism of his works, but also the tragic nature of their lines… Thanks for your comment I will explore your blog! see you later! 🙂


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